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I'm having the most fun I've experienced osrs in ages
The same as everything in RuneScape you can put on a movie or audio and RuneScape gold use your muscle memory and RuneScape game audio to allow you to pay very little focus on this fight.Idk about that for vork or zulrah man. Its not difficult to slip up and receive 1/2 shot. I seem to die a lot less at vork while snaklings may hit 15s even but if zulrah is a ass he can hit 3-4 41's in a row. I've been stacked out out of 65 hp in 1 tick at zulrah. You should pay attention lol, if c engineer can die on an hcim to it.

I didn't mention Zulrah, Im talking about vorkath:-RRB- I find it occasionally pay attention and easy to just watch a food movie. Woox walk may be carried out in peripheral vision and then the one thing you need to be worried about is being combo'ed by range strikes, because everything is sound cues. Just my view on it. Not to the average player.

I just stated that I use sound queues to avoid being combo'ed or one shooter. I think you chose my words wayyyy. Whenever someone states"like what" they usually dont mean completely everything that has ever been. People say they afk items in runescape, doesnt mean they walk away from the computer keyboard. Seems as if you're trying to start an argument for the sake of arguing, unfortunately I am not interested. All the very best but im not going to see replies. Work on your people skills my man.

I'm certainly getting used to him. Hardest part for me was not panicking about the acid phase. Yeah, I've had a lot of spare time plus I got the visage! Yep the acid stage was the hardest part for me when I began but over time it'll be very chill for you. Don't be reluctant to step over a few spots to keep moving! I've realized that it's worth taking a couple of acid damage and recovery Vorkath for the benefit of a line to roam, assisted me.

Absolutely. If you are able to see the opportunity for a woox walk but you must take 2 acid hits to get there, take the strikes. Never risk that a fireball however, not really worth quitting your motion because you will get struck on a 35 to turn around. Stage was the hardest for me to understand. I'm just 110kc while I let my muscle memory perform the clicks, but I'm able to setup my wook walk and watch YouTube because of his acid phase. This past week 8, I learned vorkath. I planked like 15 days. What helped me not die on those acid periods marked the seven tiles west to right in the front of the entry, there is no acid there so that you can comfortably walk forth and back.I got hacked out of a twitch'xp' stream. They took my belongings all by the time I got my account back. About a week after, I had been perm. There was no evidence provided to me. It said'manual permanent mute'. At this point, my match play has been severely altered. It has become difficult to find a team for raids or any bossing. People will come up to speak to me personally and I have to communicate with them using emotes. Players ask so that I exchange them a stack of coins. I attempted to allure and buy OSRS gold it was instantly denied. I hope that this is looked into by someone.

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