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Community:These guys are so full of crap
It is like the developers don't watch the match (so much technique is wrong), but went to YouTube and just watch highlights. Mossed is your definition of a play Im willing to wager in 99% of games because Moss gets it by 30, that it only gets used once and thats. Dashing at deadeye doesnt work off the rear foot so that I dont know what youre talking about? Megatron has nothing to do with whatever Moss and him were both dominant and the cards are them in their finest. The fact that Devin Hester is makes me miserable for you. Hester was a creature but D Hall was the human joystick.

I actually enjoyed the abilities we now had earlier Madden 21 coins. The turning point for me was 2 things: once RBs achieved jukebox and QBs unlocked escape artist. I have played Madden for years and could not believe they added arcade skills. Don't get me wrong, I need the top players in game perform with different and to feel. However, when it is possible to roll out along with your QB at 99 speed and staminaplaymaker your WR on a comeback over and over while blending in stretch with lineman the match has become lost. I hope they toned down the abilities this season, I really like football and adore supreme group but damn, I've never quit MUT so ancient In the year like Madden NFL 20.

These guys are so full of crap, so the Twitch stream yesterday about all the"new" stuff in Madden NFL 21 was nothing but them patting themselves on the back as soon as they dropped us such as hot rocks back in April. It really is a shame b/c Madden could be something fantastic, but EA doesn't give two turds about their customer base. They make this big announcement that they heard that the neighborhood about the problems with franchise mode, but it should not have come to this.

Look, I honestly hope they improve the game for your community, however I refuse to provide EA another penny. In reality, my family including my son, my brother and three nephews have all decided to boycott EA and from what nephews and my son explained they have friends that are currently doing exactly the same. Hopefully, more people follow suit b/c the way EA will change if we strike on them we are it hurts their ways is, the profit margin.You could follow the progression of your players; when PUs first came out it believed that it was cool and anybody may have any player that they actually desired. Recall many of us would need to take the fact and when value card will come out or wait till game. I wish it'd go back to chems on gamers. You had to buy Madden nfl 21 coins make compromise and concessions to deserve the chem boost. You had to tweak your team 8 times to complete.

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