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Add it to the fact that apart from the xp gain
Battlefields. Fantastic technology RuneScape gold that got press in standard gaming media, but does anybody use them? If folks want a war, then they go to Clan Wars or the Wilderness. Battlefields are too likely to be one-sided or just strange.

Add it to the fact that apart from the xp gain, a clan citadel does nothing to get you in runescape proper. Is that it?

However, my clan isn't among those clans that eagerly pushes to become tier 7, regardless of our casual enjoyment of the xp. Sal's Realm official clan is. Why do you people like clan citadels? Do you enjoy them? If you do not, why not? I am hoping to get an interesting discussion of this Clan Citadel update that has been released over a year ago and was tweaked right up to the most recent clan avatars update.

Jagex are increasingly adding limited content to their match. This isn't new, but it's slowly increasing. By timed content I suggest content which you could only do so much of before moving on, but normally giving you greater rewards: weekly coaching activities like the circus, random events such as the wicked tree, and even merely limited'chunk of xp' games, such as Troll Invasion which can only be done once per month.

Instead of add the traditional extra level to some skill, such as the living rock caverns did for mining (for example), the trend today is to include something which can be done at many more skill levels for varying xp, such as fish flingers. This has several effects: You can't grind that, thus potentially lessening the impact of bots. If you time things well, you get more xp each time spent coaching the ability. A feeling of obligation happens to perform as a number of these things as possible so as to maximise xp gain.

However, does this help or hinder the game? Personally, I find most of them rather tedious to do, particularly if I'm obliged to perform them to get the maximum possible xp. It means that instruction skills becomes cut-up and frustrating as I can't just settle into a routine if I want a good xp rate. However, it can be rewarding if I'd want to do that anyway. Do you cheap OSRS gold enjoy DnDs, or do you find them dull and irritating like I occasionally do?

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